ANNOUNCEMENT – Scheduled Maintenance

:: Scheduled Maintenance ::

Apologies if you experienced any difficulties accessing the SocialSafe website over the weekend, or if you had trouble trying to sync your social network accounts to your SocialSafe library.

We had to pop the hood for a little while to carry out some scheduled maintenance that will ultimately improve things in the long run, but coincidentally we also ran into a separate issue that caused some intermittent problems for some users. However, we’re pleased to say that we managed to resolve everything on Saturday, so things should now be working normally for everyone again.

We’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused, and we thank you for your patience.

- the SocialSafe team

Facebook Buys WhatsApp For $16bn – Why Is It Worth That Much?

Facebook has been out on another spending spree, this time in the market for messaging services. Spending massively in excess of what it paid for Instagram, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $16 billion. Broken down, that’s $4bn cash and $12bn in Facebook stock, along with a further $3bn in stock over the next four years. However, the price tag is still a bit of a head-scratcher…

Firstly, for anyone unfamiliar with Facebook’s newest acquisition, WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app that allows users to send messages, images and videos to any of their contacts. It uses the same internet data plan used for email and web browsing, so the cost of an SMS message is bypassed. WhatsApp is free for the first year of usage, and is then only $0.99 per year thereafter – a completely negligible outlay compared to the carrier costs of sending text messages over 12 months.

Now, Facebook has promised to keep WhatsApp free of ads, so even if every single one of WhatsApp’s 450 million active users converted to paid, the potential revenue stream would still be less than half billion dollars a year… And that’s a few bucks short of $16bn… So why such a hefty price tag?

Commentators and analysts suggest that WhatsApp’s overseas popularity and younger user base could be what Facebook is trying to get a handle on. Speaking to the BBC, eMarketer’s senior analyst Cathy Boyle said that “WhatsApp actually has greater penetration in a lot of international markets than Facebook”, and Ben Bajarin, from California-based technology consultants Creative Strategies, said “this is a way that Facebook can get the next billion smartphone consumers into their ecosystem”.

This was echoed by TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher, who told Jeremy Paxman that Facebook will have made the acquisition to aid growth, and believes that virtual goods will be key to further monetisation of WhatsApp. The markets weren’t too convinced however, as Facebook’s share price dropped 5% in after hours trading following the announcement of the deal.

Do you use instant messaging apps? What do you think of Facebook buying WhatsApp? Lets us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

How To Create PDFs Of Your Facebook Messages – SocialSafe Video Guide

Last week we added another of our SocialSafe video tutorials to our YouTube channel (make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any!), and it was a feature that a lot of people had been asking about in the build up to the release of SocialSafe v6.6.3 – creating PDFs of Facebook Messages conversations:

As you’ll see from the video, it’s very easy to export an entire Facebook conversation to PDF. Simply go to your Facebook Messages within the Accounts view,  click ‘View All Messages’ to see an entire conversation thread and then click the ‘Do More’ button to enable content selection. Select items individually, or click the tick on the right hand side of the top bar to select all messages in the conversation, and then click on the PDF icon on the left hand side of the top bar to create your PDF. It’s that easy!

If you haven’t used SocialSafe before and are wondering how to download your Facebook Message history in the first place, you’ll need to download SocialSafe for free, install the app, then sync your Facebook account to download your Facebook Messages. You can also search through your Facebook messages, as well as viewing them via date range.

SocialSafe also supports a number of other social networks including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+, so if your online life is important to you, start backing up your content today. Everything is saved by the user, making it a private library in your own personal data store. It’s all your life in one private place you own and control.

Facebook Charts Your Relationships Via Timeline Posts

The way people interact on Facebook with would-be romantic interests that eventually turn into partners has a demonstrable pattern, according to a new study by the social network. Facebook’s team of data scientists posted a blog last week showing the number of Timeline posts between couples during the 100 days before, and the 100 days after they changed their relationship status on Facebook. There is clearly a trend:

The Formation Of Love - Facebook Blog

It’s worth pointing out that the ‘Day 0′ on the graph is the date that the couples retrospectively put as their anniversary, not the date they changed their relationship statuses. While the obvious conclusion to draw from the graph might be that as soon as you admit that you actually enter into a relationship then the magic starts to wane, further studies showed that while the frequency of Timeline posts declines, the expression of positive emotions in those posts increases. There is an illustration of this second finding, along with more information about the study of Facebook’s blog: ‘The Formation of Love‘.

This is all well and good for public posts to each other’s timelines, but as everyone knows, there is more to Facebook than just posting on someone’s timeline. You send personal messages, tag them in your photos, they leave comments, like your updates etc etc. Do you ever wonder what the first Facebook interaction you had with your partner was?

Facebook is pretty much a canvas onto which we paint our lives, and also our relationships. With SocialSafe, not only are you able to keep these memories safe in your own personal data store, but you can search your entire library as well as creating Collections of your content. If you wanted to surprise your partner, you could create a PDF of your Facebook Message history, or print off all of the photos you’re both in, along with all the comments and likes.

With search, Collections and PDF export within SocialSafe you can create something really magical with your content, and give your other half a lovely trip down memory lane, going right back to the first thing you ever said to one another on a social network.

See what’s in your social network past by downloading SocialSafe for free now!

Look Back for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ And More

Last week Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday and reversed the normally observed tradition on such days, by giving everyone else a present – A Look Back. You’ve probably watched you own Facebook Movie, or at least will have seen them cropping up in your News Feed as a result of your friends sharing them, as Facebook Look Back videos have been shared almost 100 million times.

Everyone loves a good highlights reel or recap, and the massive number of shares is testament to that fact. But that’s just Facebook taking an educated guess at what it thinks should be in your highlights reel… I’m sure there must have been the odd awkward moment when someone shared their Facebook Movie only for their husband or wife to watch it and see that a picture of their spouses’ ex made the cut into the ‘highlights’ of the last 10 years…

What if you could go through your most popular content from not just Facebook but across all your social networks, picking out the bits that you want to add to your own collection of special memories? With SocialSafe you can do just that.

Get your whole life in one place by downloading your social network content to your own machine, creating your library of you. Within the journal you are able to search across all your content, adding items to Collections as you go, and also use Insights to see the most popular updates and photos from any of your networks over custom or preset time periods.

Once you’ve gone through and selected your own personal collection of memories – whether they include Facebook Messages, Tweets, Instagram Photos, Wall Post or whatever you choose – you can then export them all to a lovely PDF that you can share with those who mater to you the most. And because SocialSafe can automatically add new content to your library, you’ll have the ability to add fresh memories to your existing collections whenever you like.

Watch our video guides to learn more about PDF Export and Collections, and download SocialSafe for free to get all your life in one place.

Download Your Tagged Facebook Photos Before Your Friends Remove Them

We received a support email overnight asking a question about downloading tagged Facebook photos, and thought that it was a topic worth quickly writing a blog about.

The query was whether or not SocialSafe can download photos you are tagged in (that aren’t your own), even after the uploader has deleted them from Facebook. The answer is unfortunately ‘no’, although this is nothing to do with SocialSafe, but is in fact down to Facebook’s API, which determines what can lawfully be seen, accessed and downloaded.

Having said that, if you have already used SocialSafe to download your tagged photos from Facebook and then the user removes them from Facebook or deactivates their account, then you will still have a copy of them – along with any comments, likes and tags – safely stored in your SocialSafe library.

The same goes for all of the other content that you back up with SocialSafe – should anything happen to the originals on the networks themselves, if you’ve backed it up to your SocialSafe library then it will be yours to keep forever.

With social network profiles coming under increasing scrutiny when people are applying for jobs and even if the content depicts harmless fun, when viewed out of context by someone else it could mean the difference between landing that dream job or not. So understandably people are purging their social accounts of content, but this can have a collateral affect on their friends’ online memories too.

If you don’t want to run the risk of losing any of the moments from your past that make you you, then use SocialSafe to download your own library of you from your social networks, and make sure that you are the one who has ownership of your data.

Safer Internet Day – Get Our 10 Essential Tips For Parents

You may well have seen that today is Safer Internet Day, and we’d like to do our own little bit to help this great cause. For those of you unfamiliar with Safer Internet Day, it has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar. Originating as an initiative of the EU SafeBorders project in 2004, it is now run by the Insafe network who aim to be a the forefront of online issues, whether that be anything from social networking, to cyber-bullying.

About Safer Internet Day

This year’s theme is ‘Let’s Create A Better Internet Together’, and we at SocialSafe also believe that the best way to protect young people when they use the internet and online networking is to work with them, rather than simply telling them what not to do. Safer Internet Day works on many levels, whether it be educational videos, written advice, online Q&As or hosting events to promote the safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones for children and young people.

A little while ago we spoke to some tech-savvy mums and dads, and created a guide for parents to help them gain a better understanding of the risks their children might be facing online, and how they can best protect and educate them. We believe that the collaborative approach of working together is better, and this is reflected in our PDF guide that you can download: 10 Essential tips to ensuring your child’s online safety.

If you have any thing to add or any great tips that you would like to share, then please get involved by leaving a comment below. We’d also urge you to take a look at the sites for Safer Internet Day and the UK Safer Internet Centre, as well as downloading our 10 Essential Tips.

SocialSafe Video Guide – How To Export Raw Data & Images

We recently added another video to our collection of features guides, which walks you through how to export raw data and images from SocialSafe. You can watch the video below and find more on the SocialSafe YouTube Channel.

We moved a couple of things around within the app recently, so this video should hopefully have brought you up to speed if you weren’t already. As you’ll have seen, to mark items for export you’ll first need to enable content selection, and this is done by clicking the ‘Do More’ button in the top right corner of the app when in the Journal, Accounts or Photo view.

You can then select items for Export, and by clicking on the Folder icon on the left hand side of the top bar, you are then able to select a destination on your machine to export the content to.  Text based items such as tweets, updates, friends list etc will be exported in CSV format, whereas photos will be sent to a .zip folder.

You’ll also notice that there is another button on the top bar, which allows you to export your content to PDF, and one that allows you to add items to Collections. A video guide for creating PDFs will be up later this week, but you can find out more about Collections and watch the tutorial video from our previous blog entry: SocialSafe Feature Guide: Creating and Editing ‘Collections’.

SocialSafe v6.6.3 Released – Create PDFs fast, from almost everywhere, plus lots of improvements

It’s been a little quiet on the release front recently, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been resting on our laurels… Quite the opposite in fact. Our team of developers has been hard at work for the last couple of months improving the app, and now we’re proud to release SocialSafe v6.6.3.

This update includes improvements to not only the tangible existing features of the app, but also to the inner workings of SocialSafe that will bear fruit later this year when other functionality is introduced, along with the first version of SocialSafe for iOS.

The main improvement we’ve made in this release has always been part of our plan, and is something that a lot of people requested as soon as we introduced PDF Export from Journal View last year. SocialSafe v6.6.3 now allows you to create PDFs of your content from not only the Journal, but also to selectively mark content for PDFs from the Accounts View, from Search results, from individual backups and from your Collections. [Click here to see a short video on how to create a Collection within SocialSafe].

SocialSafe creates PDFs from your social network content

The mechanism by which you’d select content for a PDF from any of these content views is exactly the same as it would be if you were creating a PDF from the Journal in previous version, only when you click on the ‘Do More’ button you’ll see the PDF option appearing in other areas of the app. To create a PDF from the contents of a Collection, simply got to your Collection and click on the Do More button to select the items as you would do if you were creating a PDF from within the Journal.

Exporting a PDF

Please bear in mind that it can take a little while to output content for a PDF if you have a particularly large number of items selected for export.

In terms of other noticeable changes in this release, we’ve fixed plenty of bugs, the most significant of which will result in noticeable improvements to the performance of the Scheduler and the PDF export. We’ve also fixed a number of other minor issues reported to us by some users who were experiencing problems.

As ever, we’re grateful to all of you that continue to give us feedback, as that helps us to constantly improve your app, so thank you very much!

Everything else we’ve incorporated into SocialSafe v6.6.3 is ‘under the hood’ so to speak, so you won’t necessarily see any other changes right now, but it’s important work that will enable us to make Device Independence and SocialSafe for iOS a possibility later this year.

We’ve still got plenty on the to-do list for the next few months, so if your suggestion didn’t make the cut this time around do not despair! You can also submit your suggestions publicly via our UserVoice feedback forum, and that way other people can vote on the posts to move things further to the top of our work list.

Any other feedback is always gratefully received, so please feel free to get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or YouTube.

We hope you all enjoy SocialSafe v.6.6.3!

If you haven’t got SocialSafe yet download it now!

If You Liked Facebook’s ‘Look Back’ Feature, You’ll Love SocialSafe Insights

Today Facebook is celebrating its 10th birthday (wow, doesn’t time fly?!), and many users will have seen ‘A Look Back’, which is a short video displaying some of the highlights from your time on Facebook. It’s pretty cool, showing you when you first joined (along with your first profile picture), some of your earlier photos and posts, as well as a couple of your updates that have received the most likes.

It’s a nice trip down memory lane, but surely the last seven years of my Facebook activity can’t be done justice in one minute seven seconds? And what of the supplementary content? Who were the 30 people who liked that picture Facebook showed me a glimpse of in the video? What were all those comments on that particular update that made it stick out from the thousands of others over the years?

If Facebook’s Look Back feature has today stirred in you a nostalgic inclination to relive some of your social media highlights, then the Insights within SocialSafe will allow you to really roll your sleeves up and delve deep into your historic content. Among other things, you can see your Most Popular Photos and Most Popular Updates, as well as expanding the view to see the comments and people who liked your items:

View your most popular photos with SocialSafe Insights Use SocialSafe Insights to see your most popular updates

You can look at the highlights from your entire history, use the preset time periods within the calendar or simply set your own date range to discover which photos and posts were the most popular for each given period. Not only that, but you can also view Insights across all of the network accounts you have backed up within SocialSafe, or selectively choose which accounts or networks to consider for Insights each time you want to use it.

If you want to see what memories are lurking beneath the surface of your social media profiles, then download SocialSafe for free and look at Insights once you have backed up your content. (A quick word on privacy for any new/potential users – anything you choose to back up with SocialSafe is stored on your own machine, and you are the sole owner and keeper of that data – we never see nor store any of your content).

So happy birthday again to Facebook, and we hope that you all enjoy looking back on your content as much as you’ve enjoyed creating it!