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SocialSafe – We Never See Nor Store Your Data

I read an interesting article on the Guardian’s website this morning titled “Me and my data: how much do the internet giants really know?” that sparked an idea for a blog that might provide existing and potential SocialSafe users with some peace of mind.

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about all of the things that SocialSafe actually does, so we thought we should devote a few column inches to explaining what we don’t do with your data and your information.

  • Login IDs and Passwords – We never see and therefore never store any of your login information or passwords for any of the social networks that you backup with SocialSafe.
  • Data held on Facebook and other social networks – Once you have installed SocialSafe on your own PC or Mac we don’t have any form of access to the content that you choose to backup from your various social networks – it transfers directly from your Facebook or other social network account to your machine. We have no visibility of this data, nor do we have a copy of it.
  • Address Books – Unlike some other services, we don’t have access to your address books, and certainly don’t copy any information about yourself or your contacts.
  • Personal Information – We don’t store any personal information about you other than your name and email address which is used periodically to send you the emails about our product updates and support emails that you agree to receive when you sign up to use SocialSafe.
  • Licence check – We carry out a simple licence check when you use the application that validates your licence and records the version ofthe application you are using.

Obviously whatever you choose to do with your own data is entirely up to you. We simply provide you with a means of storing it on your own machine, viewing it and searching through it yourself. Hopefully what we’ve explained in this blog reassures you that we never see nor store any of your content or personal information from your various social media accounts.

If you’d still like to know more, you can read the full Privacy Policy on our site, or you can always drop us an email through the Contact page on our website, on our Facebook page, on Twitter or by leaving a comment below.