Daily Archives: September 14, 2012

Kate Middleton Pictures And The Invasion Of Privacy

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet, a television or a radio today, you will undoubtedly have heard about the topless pictures of Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, being published by the French edition of the magazine Closer. A royal spokesman described the actions as a “grotesque and unjustifiable invasion of privacy”. Here at SocialSafe, we couldn’t agree more.

We all have a right to privacy. At SocialSafe we believe that any direct invasion of privacy, whether through physical means such as a long-range camera lens looking into a private property, or viewing someone’s personal online information through digital espionage is a deplorable act.

This ethic of privacy runs through all we do at SocialSafe which is why we don’t have access to your social data in the service we provide – you download your own data which is kept private to you and you alone.

Social networks are good for sharing information, but we choose what to share and with whom.  The act of firstly taking private pictures and then sharing them with the world is a gross intrusion of privacy and should be deplored by everyone.

Are You Man Enough To Face A ‘Mantervention’ From Brut?

A new Facebook app has been created by men’s toiletries manufacturer that ridicules your use of the social network and encourages you to delete your account in favour of more manly pursuits. The ‘Mantervention’ app from Brut uses your Facebook information in much the same way as Take This Lollipop, but the result is a much more amusing than the creepy video that raised privacy questions last year.

Essentially the premise is that posting photos and updates to Facebook isn’t exactly the most macho thing a man can do, so a rugged, stubbly man from Brut stages a ‘Mantervention’, in a room filled with various supposedly stereotypical Facebook users. He brings up your profile, a few recent pictures and generally berates you for not being man enough – all the while liberally applying Brut products to himself and to you.

I won’t ruin the whole experience for you by saying any more as there as some rather amusing moments contained within the video, which lasts around five minutes. But did the Mantervention work on me?

Well, it does make a good point about the amount of seemingly unimportant information that we post on our profiles and receive from friends. The video also encourages you to “be a man and sign off”, however quitting Facebook is not as simple as you may think. On the face of it, deleting your Facebook account is like cancelling a magazine subscription – except you won’t have all the back issues stacked on a shelf somewhere to look back through at a later date.

Of course, if you use SocialSafe to back up your Facebook Timeline, you can browse, export and search your Facebook content offline at any time, regardless of whether you are still signed up to the social network. So if the man from Brut got to you and you want to leave Facebook, make sure you’ve got a backup of your Facebook profile for posterity’s sake.