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insta-changes-blog is pleased to announce that we continue to have Instagram’s support 🎉

On June 1st Instagram will cut off access to its feed API. This is how apps help you access your content outside of Instagram. We are pleased that Instagram understands the importance of its users having ongoing access to their photos and are very pleased to be among a select group of developers granted access to its new API.

This means you’ll continue to be able to search, view, download and share photos you’ve posted to Instagram ⛰🎆👍.

If you’re using on Windows or Mac make sure you update to 7.1.5 before June 1st. If you don’t see an update prompt, download it directly from here.

iOS and Android apps should update themselves but again you can reinstall directly.

If you follow anyone with a private account you will notice that photos you’ve liked of theirs no longer show up in This is a known issue with the new API and we’re hopeful it will be fixed real soon.

Desktop users also used to be able to see who followed or stopped following them. Unfortunately this function is no longer available. 7.1.5 for Windows and Mac for iOS for Android

Ch-ch-ch-ch changes

Many of you should have seen yesterday’s email announcing our new name, but for those of you that didn’t…

We’re changing our name!

We’re really excited to announce that very soon we will expand the types of sources you can bring together into your personal library, going way beyond those the app currently supports. You will soon be able to grow your personal library into something so much more powerful than it already is today. More on that soon.

As our vision expands however we thought the time was right to change our name to Digi Me. This represents ‘your digital life’ and not just your social network life. We’ll be making the transition over the coming weeks.

socialsafe name change to digi me

So how does this affect you? Well, nothing changes until v7 which is due later this month. As we work hard on making the transition to the new brand, we just wanted to let you know that you may see both the Digi Me and SocialSafe logos together. The app is still the same, it’s still the same team, you still own and control your data and it’s still completely private.

We’re about to embark on some major updates in the coming weeks which we will fill you in on later but just wanted to give you the heads up while we transition to our new brand name.

We’d love to know what you think of the new name; just hit reply and let us know.  We’re really pleased with the feedback we’ve had so far from yesterday’s email.

Thanks for being such an important part of our growing community and we hope you’ll enjoy the next chapter where we break new ground as Digi Me.

From all of the SocialSafe Digi Me Team

If you would like to backup 4 social media accounts for free. Why not download SocialSafe Digi Me for free.Try SocialSafe



Red Bull mentions our ambitious time capsule on the moon campaign.

If you’re here reading this, there’s a high chance you recognise the value in keeping together all those moments you shared with others.  We’ve been helping folks like you (hopefully including you) to gather everything together to create a digital story of you.  This acts as a simple content backup but also provides fantastic insights on your life and a way to look back and enjoy your history.

We wanted to do something for our future historians too.  And we wanted to do it in a big way.

Launching early next year we will be offering up spaces for a digital time capsule that we’ll be sending to the moon, with our partner Astrobotic.  You’ll be able to collate a small number of memories that capture this time we live in and add these to the capsule.  It will be locked for at least 150 years so will provide a rich, intimate, look into our lives.

Our chairman, Julian, recently spoke to Red Bull about his one of his other passions, Space.  Read Red Bull’s Seven ways to get into space and remember to register for your place in our time capsule today.  (You may notice that there’s no mention of SocialSafe – we’re updating our name to better reflect our purpose, but more on that very soon).

Want to help make history?  What do you think about sending a time capsule to the moon?

SocialSafe v6.5.3 Released – Here’s what’s new …

SocialSafe v6.5.4 Released - Here's what's new ...

The all new Scheduler gives you much better granularity and works in the background, keeping out of your way! You can also get a quick snapshot of your most popular posts and photos based on comments and likes after each sync.

Other notable improvements include performance boosts, bug fixes and support for Facebook friends’ comments on 3rd party app postings – for example comments your friends make on your Instagrams you shared on Facebook

An important note for users of our older version. If when you run the updater your SocialSafe does not say v6.5.3 you will need to uninstall and download the latest version.

Your data will be completely safe – this just updates the application so you can benefit from all these new updates, and many more coming real soon.

Any problems please get in touch.

Backupify recommends SocialSafe (6 month free licence offer)

Backupify is recommending SocialSafe to its customers after announcing that they are phasing out their consumer services for social media backup.

We’re super happy to be helping Backupify and are offering a special welcome bonus for all Backupify customers. Grab a special copy of SocialSafe today and get 6 months of social media backup absolutely free!

SocialSafe enables you to back up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social network accounts straight to your computer.

You can also use SocialSafe’s RSS back up option to download your latest photos on Flickr and latest posts from WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and other blogging platforms.

SocialSafe isn’t just about backing up your social media though. Our mission is to help you maintain and enjoy the whole story of you. You can view all your photos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and your blogs, complete with comments and likes. You can travel back through your online timeline and relive those special moments. You can even get interesting insights on your content and on your friends’ and fans’ interactions with you. And that’s just for starters!

A quick note on privacy as it’s very dear to our hearts. Everything is stored on your computer and as such is never seen or accessed by us. We believe you should own and control your online social life and having your own personal copy is the best way to achieve that.

Get in touch or leave a comment below if you have any questions.

To get your free 6 month licence you need to download SocialSafe from here.

The curious case of the missing Facebook permissions screen

Snowmageddon is wreaking havoc across America but we were surprised when it took a Tron turn into cyberspace. Some of our users and users of other Adobe Air applications are reporting seeing an all white Facebook permissions screen. This may affect you if you need to set up your SocialSafe/Facebook access. It doesn’t prevent SocialSafe from backing up your content.

Although the Facebook screen is completely white, the buttons to give access or cancel are still there, just covered in snow.

Here’s how you get through this blockade:

Position your mouse at the bottom of the permissions window, slightly to the right to allow SocialSafe to access your Facebook account
Position your mouse at the bottom of the permissions window, slightly to the right to allow SocialSafe to access your Facebook account

This is what the screen will look like when the thaw comes:

Apologies to anyone that has been affected by this issue. We’re told that Facebook and Adobe are working on it and we will ourselves introduce a workaround (using Facebook’s mobile login/permissions screens) in the next few days.

Facebook introducing Security Status Bar

If you have ‘very low’ protection set up for your Facebook account you might see a new ‘Update Your Security Information’ page. This will prompt you to verify a second email address, connect your mobile and add a security question. These steps should help prevent identity spoofing.

With the recent discovery of the relative simplicity of someone hijacking your Facebook/Twitter sessions, this intelligent security monitoring is welcomed.

Remember where you lived when you were 8?

via Inside Facebook

National UnFriend Day – be prepared (tips & tricks)

Will you answer the calling to de-clutter your Facebook friends? It’s one of those jobs you know needs doing but is it really necessary? Facebook has created a new way to keep up with friends through ambient awareness. This, although mocked in Jimmy Kimmel‘s piece, is how we can manage much greater levels of friendships. Perhaps it’s the definition of friendship that needs redefining.

We’ve always had different circles of friends, some that cross over, some that are very different, only occasionally, awkwardly, coming together for big events. Facebook especially gave us a space to quickly add everyone we know and then update everyone we know with everything we’re doing.

Unfriending is quite drastic, although less so if you export your friends first.

Prevent yourself becoming a victim of National Unfriend Day.

Utilise Facebook’s recently enhanced Groups. Use this to create smaller, more intimate groups of best friends, friends, acquaintances and others and target your status updates more carefully. It’s more effort than we’ve become accustomed to but this will ensure that you don’t spam anyone and will inadvertently show you who you want to stay in touch with.

Find out who unfriends you on 17th November.

  1. Open SocialSafe on 16th November and perform a quick Facebook download. Look in File View – it will tell you how many friends you have.
  2. Go crazy on the 17th – send a warning shot to some of your more excitable or over informing friends, you can easily reconnect after using SocialSafe.
  3. Perform another download and SocialSafe will tell you who unfriended you since the 16th.

Who does Jimmy Kimmel recommend unfriending?

  • If you wouldn’t loan someone 50 dollars, unfriend them.
  • If you wouldn’t invite them to your birthday party, unfriend them.
  • If you wouldn’t cry if they got hit by a bus, unfriend them.

It doesn’t have to be a hostile thing. They might not like you much either. And the day to do it is November 17th.

Let us know if you’re going to join in.